Bm silver satin undertone

Test your paint colours from morning to evening, under both natural and artificial lighting conditions. Home Toggle navigation button. Ideas Overview Interiors Exteriors. Gray Paint Colour by Family. Equal parts stylish and sensible, gray is a design favourite.

From online inspiration to in-store advice, count on us to find the best gray paint colours for your bespoke project. Gray Colours.

Gray Luxury. There is an undeniable sophistication to gray. Paired with almost any colour, from scarlet to amethyst to sapphire, gray paint colours provide balance.

Gray wall paint in higher sheen levels like semi-gloss or high gloss evokes a more luxurious vibe. Consider a high gloss silvery-gray paired with rich fabrics like velvet or silk.

In addition to adding a design edge, glossy gray paint is durable and easy to clean. Growing with Gray A nursery in gender-neutral gray means the space can easily grow and evolve alongside little ones. Clean, pale grays like Collingwood OC and Bunny Gray are also nice alternatives to white and off-white. Gray is also a sleek choice for hallways, acting as a neutral portal that complements any colour room. What is an Undertone?

Paint colours are often created by using two or more colours. If there is a higher percentage of one colour over the other, that creates an undertone. Tackle undertones by… Stacking gray colour chips on top of one another to see brightness levels and undertones. Bringing colour chips home and layering them on your home furnishings.

Buy a colour sample and testing on walls in different lighting conditions. Choosing Between Warm and Cool Grays To narrow the wide spectrum of gray, consider warm and cool grays. Southern facing light is typically more flattering, opening the door for a wider range of grays in your space. Gray seamlessly complements most classic roof colours, as well as brick and stone. Consider gray paint on doors, trim or shutters if you are not ready to go entirely gray.

Buy a Paint Sample Test your paint colours from morning to evening, under both natural and artificial lighting conditions. Ready to Explore? Browse photos and gain expertise to create remarkable interiors and exteriors.

Learn More.The movie got one thing right! However, there is a perfect gray. With any colour, its true form is in the eye of the beholder.

Gray is a great alternative to white or beige walls. Unlike white, gray naturally hides imperfections, where as white emphasizes smudges and blemishes. Gray can act as a neutral backdrop to your collection of furniture and art, or conversely, be the statement colour of the room. A dark charcoal gray, for example, introduces drama yet still feels elegant.

Alternatively an all gray palate can have a similar effect to a pure white palate. A palate of exclusively grays can be just as interesting as greys paired with colour. A grey palate emanates sophistication and luxury. The temperature of the gray you select is influential to the overall atmosphere of a space as well.

bm silver satin undertone

The temperature refers to the coolness or darkness a colour can have on a room, and correlates strongly with the direction a room is facing and therefore the amount of light the area receives. Although the hue and depth of a gray is important, the temperature of a gray colour can have a big impact on how the space feels.

For example, OC Silver Satin, an immensely versatile colour, conveys an iridescent quality yet feels warm. On the flip side, Ice Cube Silver is light and airy as well, but has a much cooler temperature. Be sure to reflect on the colour, depth and temperature of gray to attain the perfect hue.

Best Gray Paint Cololurs by Benjamin Moore

Currently, grays are used in almost any location in the house. Because gray is regarded as a neutral, it makes for a great colour option for throughout the house. It will make it appear more complete, by adding depth and flow from one room to another.

Popular architecture today embraces open concept floorplans, and one colour throughout the space is ideal to make it feel larger and more spacious. Similarly to white, pure gray is limited. Each gray is made up of different undertones. Fundamentally, grays can be made up of an undertone of blue, red and yellow, but can also be a combination of these.

Everyone tends to gravitate toward to, what they consider, is the truest gray. A blue-undertone gray can cool off a south facing room, or similarly a room with a lot of sun exposure. While blue-undertone grays may feel like a true gray, these can also feel cold.

North facing rooms, for this reason, would not fare well with a cool, blue-undertone gray. Blue-undertoned grays, when combined with green, can draw the warmer qualities of green and at the same time, enhance the silvery, crispness of the blue.

An undertone of red in gray appears warmer than a blue-undertone of gray. A gray with undertones of red may appear slightly pink, however the lighting with these colours can affect how they present themselves. Red-undertoned grays depicted under daylighting, or fluorescent lighting can reveal the pink undertones, whereas warm lighting, or incandescent bulbs can play down the pink pigment. When a gray possess an undertone of red, it can also include purple. A purple undertone is a mix of blue and red pigment, which is also commonly perceived as a true gray.

Colours such as Silver Chain and Metro Gray appear to be close to a true gray, as both have red and blue undertones. A yellow-undertone of gray will feel and look the most neutral, compared to blue-undertoned grays and red-undertoned grays. Grays with yellow will appear warm and bright, perfect for minimally lit areas.

bm silver satin undertone

A slight yellow or gold pigment behind a gray is great for spaces without natural light and is a good idea to use for Northern exposure areas. Introducing warm tones of the gray will help it not feel as dreary.Selecting the right paint color for your space can be very tricky.

Now, this is part one of a series — part two will consist of dark neutrals that I love. Stay tuned! Great post. Just wanted to say that if you live on the West coast of North America read: Vancouver where it rains so much of the year, some of the cooler greys with blue or purple undertones that look great on the East Coast or generally sunnier places will appear gloomy.

The warmer greys, like Revere Pewter which has more of a pink undertone on the other hand are stunning. Just started following your blog. I completely agree, Heather!

The area in which you live plays a big part in the decision making of your paint selection. Love your blog. I just cannot choose colors. Everything looks so dark. Any advice will be very much appreciated. Let me know if you have any other questions! Feel free to email me: hello ohidesignblog. I painted our living room Stonington Gray and have not decided on furnishings yet. What colors did you do in your room? Thanks for your help!

All of the grays you picked are beautiful! I am trying to pick a whole-house light gray for our open floor plan. Our floors are light maple and cream carpet both with sliiight pink undertones and our main living area is north facing. Hi Monica!

Silver Satin

Wow, you have gone through a lot of samples — haha! However, feel free to email me at hello ohidesignblog. Ive tried Gray Owl, Classic Gray, Collingwood, trying to get an all over light warm gray but not he dreaded beige,lol. Everything seems to end up blue in my place, I get lots of sun on some walls so it washes out a too light colour, and on others they seem dark.

Since those colors are turning more cool, a beige could look like more of a grey you are going for. Just a thought! Great article-Any suggestions on a gray for a kitchen that gets very little sunlight? The rest of my house is painted in Bennington Gray.Trying to find the perfect gray paint for your space is way more challenging than it seems.

Will this go well with cream? Hopefully my adventure with painting can help you! Here is my apartment in move-in condition. You can see the original paint on the wall was a yellow with a reddish, brushed type of effect over it [why? Just why? I knew coming in to this that I wanted my walls to be a light gray, but the amount of light in this space proved challenging when choosing a color.

Natural light [and lots of it] is the best kind of situation to have when going for a darker tone. The difficulty I had was finding a paint color that would be the true light feeling I wanted while still not being washed out by all of the light. Enter attempt 1. They let me work with the painter before moving in to decide what color I wanted my fresh coat to be. Looking at the swatches, you might think the middle shades would be better to use.

See the heavy contrast between the white stripe and the swatches? I want there to be contrast, but not a stark dark vs. Grays also tend to dry darker. When in doubt, go a shade lighter.

bm silver satin undertone

Also, you can see the true undertones of the paint when looking at the family of swatches. Like a shade? Look four shades darker. Does it seem purple? Those tones will show even if it is the lighter version. You can see the swatch held up to my wall pre-paint [again, what is with the blood splatter special going on?

In retrospect, I should have chosen barren plain. This looks white. More than white. Hospital white. Sterile white. Not warm or relaxing, just bare. It was deceiving how gray the swatch looked against my yellow wall, which brings me to my next tip I should have followed. Always buy samples of the paint you think you want. And then buy samples of some other colors you like too for when the first sample looks completely different than what you thought.My long answer to that question is to see my accompanying post, the best gray paint colors —no-fail favorite neutral grays that look good anywhere.

Plus, I analyze the most popular light gray colors and their undertones so you can find the best gray paint color for your house! But, if you want the short answer…use BM Classic Gray.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray is a clean pale gray with warm undertones. See it below in our master bedroom. This is a South and West facing room so it gets a lot of sunlight. It always seems warm, clean, and cheery! Classic Gray on walls and Simply White on the faux fireplace.

It is the perfect color for an open-concept house including a foyer. Here they are back to back. Most people, including my husband, thought they were the same color. Upon closer inspection, you can tell that BM Classic Gray vs. BM Balboa Mist is darker. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray is very similar to Pale Oak, which is another great light grey neutral paint color.

Readers’ Favorite Paint Colors {Color Palette Monday}

Pale Oak has more beige and warmer undertones to it, which you can see upon a side-by-side comparison in the graphic below. It is warmer than Balboa Mist and slightly darker than Classic Gray.

It is an interior hallway and gets zero natural light. Even so, the room remains cheery and bright with lots of light reflecting off the beadboard and the light gray walls. As you can see, we were huge fans of BM Classic Gray. If I had to choose one color to paint every room in our house, I would go with Classic Gray with no hesitation. I get it, picking paint colors is tricky, frustrating, and sometimes paralyzing.

No more forgetting stuff! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. What color do you choose for the ceiling? Thank you! Hi Marie! I wish I could tell you! You mentioned that you used Classic Gray in a south and west facing room.

Does it ever look washed out like you have just white walls? Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for commenting. But if you want a little more saturation I would recommend Balboa Mist.

My second tip is to go to the Dollar Store and paint both samples on a cheap posterboard. Move the posterboard around the room and you can see how the different paints look without having to actually paint the walls! Wanted to just use one color.By far the most frequent question I get is about paint colors. I totally get it. Choosing paint colors, whether for a single piece of furniture, a room, or your entire home, can be a daunting process.

I love to paint — no surprise there, and I have painted and repainted and repainted again every room in my home. As my taste and style has changed over the years, so has the color palette in my home. I have been systematically painting the rooms in my home using soft and warm neutrals and soothing blues. All paint colors are Benjamin Moore. The main floor of our home is very open and most of the spaces connect to one another.

There is very little wall space in the kitchen. Just a sliver above the cabinets, above the window and next to the refrigerator. The master bedroom has six windows so it gets a ton of natural light.

Silver Satin

She wanted the walls painted a calm and relaxing blue. The office is on the first floor, but is separated by French doors from the rest of the house, making it a good candidate for a different color.

Susan, I love all your paint color choices. Neutral, but with some pop and flow. We did a similar treatment in our open floor plan. Each room is a bit different but they all blend together. All Benjamin Moore, too. Your home is lovely and I enjoyed visiting. Open floor plans are great, but can be a challenge when it comes to decorating and paint. I like having a neutral backdrop so that I can switch out my accent color with the seasons, but I always seem to come back to blue!

Thanks so much for visiting. Gorgeous, Susan! Paint colors are hard to get right on the first try. I always appreciate reading about tried and true colors and seeing them in a space. I am slowly working on repainting most spaces in our home, too.

Susan, such a lovely home! I always appreciate when others share the interiors of their homes and the names of paint colors.I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend and a great 4th of July! I have really enjoyed creating the palettes each week and I have especially loved your interaction and hearing from so many of you each week about the colors and palettes.

Thank you so much!! So many of you have responded each week by telling me which colors in the palettes that you love and have used in your own home. I can find us good paint color inspiration but your feedback helps us pinpoint the great colors! I picked one paint color from each week of the series based on reader response and feedback:. As a reminder, each Color Palette Monday is a printable palette.

It makes a huge difference to look at paint colors that have been printed out on paper, versus your computer monitor. It helps even more if you print out the palettes on smooth white card stock. My palettes should not be used to replace a paint color card, so if you see a color you like, please go pick up a paint color card.

I would love to know which palette is your favorite so far and if you have a favorite paint color in your home, I would LOVE to know what it is! Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas for future palettes, please share them as well. This has been by far the most positive feedback that I have ever received on a paint color to date. This is why I picked Palladian Blue from palette 1 as the reader favorite.

Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams was by far the more popular color from this palette and I have heard from so many of you that you have painted your doors and interior and exterior trim in this gorgeous color and love it. Revere Pewter was another very popular color from palette 2 that many of you told me that you have in your home and love. I heard from several readers that have used Pure White in their home and love it.

I know that several of you have also had it tinted for ceiling colors and have told me that you love it as well. Aegean Teal and Underseas were also really popular colors from palette 3 and I know that several of you have this color in your home and love it!

Again and overwhelminglymany of you emailed me or commented that you have used Hale Navy in the past and love it. Navy can be so challenging and it sounds like Hale Navy really works well in a variety of lighting situations.

bm silver satin undertone

Great to know!