Bts reaction he hurts you

You were at a cafe, with Jin. He was sitting on the other side of the table. You giggled at one of his dad jokes, he smiles proudly at you. You were having a wonderful date with Jin. He smiles as he stands up. You sat there waiting for him to come back. Suddenly the seat where Jin sat, some man sat there. I saw you giving me those eyes. Crossing his arms staring at you up and down.

Jimin Imagine -- "When you accidentally hurt yourself"

You started to feel uncomfortable as you shook your head getting up. I a-am waiting for my boyfriend. Pulling him away from you. Jin stood between you and the guy.

You see this is my girlfriend. Say sorry or else I will make sure the cops speak to you. Whilst I go to the toilet. Will you ok on your own? He noticed a man staring at you but ignored it. You quickly nodding smiling up at him. Namjoon looked down at you and gave a bit of a chuckle.

As soon Namjoon left the guy approached you. He grabbed your backside. You squealed jumping away as you stared at the man. Your ass looks good from the back. The guy fell to groan crying out in pain. Namjoon standing over him, his eyes dark and his presence was scary.Reaction Masterlist.

BTS Reaction to seeing you badly hurt

Thanks in advance! Jin would hear about you on a tv show and would rush to watch it live. As it went on; seeing you trying to hold back from crying as you sat back down and became completely quiet, Jin would be yelling at the tv at the host, Mad at him for making you cry.

He would deviantly march down to that studio and confront them, but who knew how far it was. Instead he texted you none stop with sweet and reassuring words. Originally posted by eatjin. Yoongi would be sitting down on the couch, happy to see you on this show, but the attitude quickly change right after such a cruel joke took place and almost brought tears running down your cheek. A dark mass would form around him, he was pissed. He would keep watching, but the more he saw the host making fun of you, well… the members would be scared to death to even go near him.

Originally posted by jjks. Watching the innocent looking joke on you that almost made you cry, Hoseok would be as upset as you. He would break into tears himself and would try texting you and leaving voicemails in hopes you would see them later. Originally posted by hohbi.

He would try to stay strong for you, talking yo the tv as if he was talking to you. If he was closer to you, he would run to have you in his arms, crying it all out and maybe even have a strict conversation with the director later.

Originally posted by ayoyoongi. Seeing your eyes fill slowly with tears, biting your cheek and looking down to prevent from crying on live tv, Jimin would just be a mixture of pissed off and to the brink of tears. Originally posted by vminv. This precious fluff would be so happy to see you on tv.In his rage he raised his hand and hit your cheek. Originally posted by teamoseokjin.

The bruise on your arm was starting to turn yellow, so it was healing quite nicely. The cut in your lip however needed a bit more time. You were out with your friends when you saw him for the first time after the incident. When he noticed you, he looked away immediately. Originally posted by tearsavi. Even though he knew you were upset, he decided to see you. You were terrified when you saw Namjoon pull up.

The bell rings and Sooyeon opens the door. Originally posted by yoonseok. But one thing he did know, was that he was furious. Each word hurt him more than the previous one. He hit you. Before you could even react Hoseok was on the floor crying and begging, saying it was a mistake.


Originally posted by jiminsjamsjams. He also refused to tell the guys why you broke up. Everyone decided that it would be good for Jimin to go out, some fresh air might boost him up they thought. Your best friends were staring at him, they looked furious. The taller girl walked over and hit him, taking the other girl and running off. He knew he deserved it. Originally posted by mvssmedia.

He watched as you ran out the door holding you cheek with tears streaming down your face. He felt his hand getting slightly tingly and he realized how hard he hit you.

While on the phone with Namjoon he started to sob uncontrollably. Originally posted by donewithjeon.Who was he? Why did he drop you of at home? He smiled at you! Jungkook walked toward the front door, slipped his shoes on and placed his hand on the door knob.

He tugged at your hair causing tears to stream down your face. Once he turned back around you wrapped your arms around his waist. Jungkook whizzed around to push you of him but accidentally stabbed you right through your stomach. Panic shot through Jungkook as he knelt down beside you looking around frantically. He tried touching you but you pushed his arms away. Tears blurring his vision slowly. All I ever did was love you! He placed you on to the bed. Your vision because blurry and slowly you collapsed in his arms, fainting.

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bts reaction he hurts you

But I hope you liked it anyways Xx. Slight Yandere! Bully Jungkook x Reader. I have a lot of assignments to give in and exams coming up in a couple of weeks.

Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Do you love him?! You wrapped your arms around your belly, bitting you lips at the pain and fell to the floor. Bully Jungkook x Reader Part 10 - Texts.

See this in the app Show more.Jin tried his best to hide his pain and to be strong. He did not want to be a burden to anyone, or to admit to himself how much it really hurt.

So the weeks after the breakup he kept it to himself. He had a hard time finding pleasure in anything he used to love anymore, because it only reminded him more of you, cooking was hard, singing only made him feel lonely and when he tried to just have a lazy day doing nothing in the dorms he just started to long for you even more.

He tried to just drive around the city to collect his thoughts, but the passenger seat where you used to sit was empty, and me missed you singing loudly off-key to the radio hits and laughing next to him.

Originally posted by fawnave. He had this crushing feeling of loneliness in his chest, and he did his very best to ignore it. All the emotions after the breakup was pushed to the back of his brain, and he did not want to deal with them. Best way to distract himself? Work, lots of work. He drowned himself in producing tracks and writing lyrics. He hoped getting over you would be easy, but it seemed impossible. You were the one thing he always relied on and then you were gone, he had lost you forever.

Originally posted by dreamyoongi. He locked himself in his room and said he needed to be left alone. But after a few days rotting inside he finally went to the dance studio, where he danced all his feeling out.

Although it was a long time coming, it still felt like the breakup came out of the blue for him. In the weeks after his mood were always up and down, sometimes he was his sunshine self, but other times he was breaking down because of how much he missed you.

He wanted you back so bad sometimes, but he knew it was for the best. Originally posted by gotjhope. Rap monster became reflective. Day and night he was thinking about you and your time together, all your sweet memories together, all of your warm hugs, where it all began and how it all ended.

You were the perfect couple, what went wrong? He was trying to find out exactly what had happened between you to, and how he felt about it. Originally posted by daeguboy. Jinin was mad, mad at everyone. Mad at himself, mad at you, mad at the members and mad at the world. The two of you were supposed to be together forever, but suddenly it was over. He blamed everything and everyone, including himself, mostly himself.

Originally posted by whyparkjimin. Then he made an attempt on song writing, he put all of his feeling, both good and bad, into a song about your relationship and how it ended. He worked day and night, Namjoon even helped him a little bit. Originally posted by mvssmedia. This was his first heartbreak and he was devastated. The first thing he did was to run to the dorms and break down in front of his hyungs. The member held him tight and comforted him the whole night.Anonymous ask: Bts reaction to accidentally hurt you during your first time?

Namjoon would halt his movements when he was fully inside you, smiling down at you sweetly as his hand cupped your cheek.

Yoongi would freeze all movements when he heard your little whine of pain, fighting the urge to move, waiting until you were comfortable.

Jimin would lean down, whispering small apologise to you as he placed small kisses on your cheek and down to your neck. Taehyung would hate the fact he hurt you and would try his best to make you smile until you felt ready for him to move. Jungkook would bury his head in the crook of your neck, his breathing uneven as his hips remained still.

Akdjfkf, thank you!! BTS Reaction Hurting you during your first time. Kim Namjoon Namjoon would halt his movements when he was fully inside you, smiling down at you sweetly as his hand cupped your cheek.

You're amazing and can come and go as you damn well please!!! Anonymous asked: Omg, welcome back! Thank you!! Been going through it mentally but good thing is that I got a new phone yesterday and I love it! And oooh new phone? None of it sounds mean at all! You can do whatever u want with your blog!

If they don't like something, then they should leave! I mean, this is not a job and you don't have to write if you don't want to either It's not like u get paid for this or like we're wasting our money on you! You're just sharing your amazing writing with us and we should be grateful! Dont feel pressured though because honestly its the worst feeling.

Yee yee anon, I love it akskd thank you so much!! I hope everything is good! Ahhh somewhat? Kinda nervous but also happy ahhh, how are you? See this in the app Show more.I love your reactions btw!

You write well :. You had a sling around your shoulder supporting your right arm, there were bruises evident on your arms. You were looking at your boyfriend with one eye as you were using your able arm to ice your left eye because you already knew that it would be black by tomorrow if not already. V : You had just gotten home, you trudged inside slamming the door shut and making sure to lock it before you made your way to your bedroom.

bts reaction he hurts you

Your whole body achedyou knew there would be bruising on your body if not already. Walking up the stairs to your bedroom was a mission, having to stop every couple of steps because your legs felt like they were about to give out. Walking up the last of the steps and opening your door you saw your boyfriend, mind fixed on looking for a movie underneath the TV when he looked up worry flooded his eyes and face, head moving side to side checking your injuries.

Tae brought you an ice pack and Motrin for your head and the pain you were in. Jimin : Jimin was absolutely terrified once seeing you on your shared bed icing your eye.

You dressed yourself down in only a pair of shorts and a tank top, any clothing on your skin hurts too much. Jimin would have to swallow down hard having to be strong for you because who knows what hell you were just put through to give you all these different injuries. A wide range of emotions would be going through his as he rushed her to the bathroom to get a closer look. What did this to you?

How did this happen? He would at first think it was just makeup on your face but once his thumb grazes over your cheek bone and wince he would go into red alert and immediately start questioning you on who did this to you or how did you manage to get yourself hurt so badly. Suga : Suga would have to look away from you for a moment just because of how angry he was.

bts reaction he hurts you

Your body hurt, you were scared just like him and all you wanted to do was stay in bed all night and cry.