Bts reaction to you being bad

He wraps your legs around his waist, leaning over your body. He gently pecks your forehead, then your nose and finally your lips.

Both your hands come up, pushing his closer to you, forcing your tongue past his sealed lips. That was enough to get you to stop pouting. So one day while you were out with the group and you started to act out, Jongin had to recover quickly. The car all of the members had taken to the beach. I want some ice cream.

Sehun was excited the first time you threw a fit. He had been waiting, when the two of you first got together, he knew you would be bratty, it was in the way you talked, the way you acted, and it excited him, excited everything inside of him. He jumps and pauses the game. You roll your eyes walking around the couch, plopping down beside him. He frowns, pausing the game once again.

You rub your hands against your jeans, standing up off the couch. Giving Sehun a genuine smile when you unplug his game system. Sehun furrows his brows, cocking his head to the side. You reach out both your hands, Sehun smacking them away from his face.

Baek, Chen, Chanyeol. Minseok, Suho, Lay. Thanks Kyungsoo D. Fluff Masterlists Stray Kids.More yandere on the way too! Keep an eye for that! To Jin you were a definition of perfection. The way you laughed, smiled, brushed your hair, snuggled to him or moaned his name at those long nights when he showed how much he loved and cherished you. But even perfection has its own errors. And in his eyes nothing really happened, everything he did for you was the right thing to do, he was perfect.

His expression shifted as you looked at him with rage. Originally posted by jinsbts. As much as he liked the view in front of him, you only wearing his shirt and the lace underwear he had bought you, knife in your hands terrified him more. Although you stood completely still.

bts reaction to you being bad

Originally posted by championamjoon. You send a smile to your co-worker before dragging Hobi to the empty room. You let out a sigh before wrapping your arms around his waist. Originally posted by daegudinosaur.

Black Girl Magic — BTS Reaction To Their s/o Being Bad W/ Directions

A resignation papers I never wrote! Why would you do that? I loved my job! Speaking sweet nothings were never a problem to him. He knew the power of words. He tugged you so you would sit on his lap. Your shocked expression showed his victory.

Originally posted by jinfesta. Anger boiled deep in your system. It churned within, hungry for destruction as you stared at Jimin. He gazed at you before taking a step closer to you, completely removing the gap between both of you, his intense stare absorbed any remaining anger making you regret every single word that left your mouth. Your legs felt like jelly as he pressed his lips to your neck, sucking then slightly biting it.

Originally posted by suggamiin. You looked at him with disbelief as you saw him put another locker on your door. He sneered at you putting even more fuel to your rage.Hey guys! I love writing what you guys want to see! Lets get into this, shall we? Thanks in advance! The softie element of you would be his favorite part. He goes between being super quiet and being a huge ball of fluffy energy so he understands you better than any of the rest of his members.

Honestly, he would be the most entertained by your tough side. The fluff side is a little more out of his element.

Bts reaction to y/n tik tok part 2

Jackson would struggle with the tough side a lot. The fluff side is the side that appeals to him, the one that makes him feel at home. Jinyoung finds the mean side the most hilarious thing. He has so much savagery that it would be hilarious.

That being said, he admitted to his ideal type being someone with lots of aegyo so the fluff side is his favorite side. Youngjae is a smol sunshine child and the mean side might be a deal breaker for him. He would really have a hard time dealing with something like that. The fluff side is intriguing to him but it might not be enough to make him stay.

Yugyeom might struggle some. The mean side would be a struggle for him but the soft one would not. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!

I finished this and went to post it on Wattpad, but my entire Monsta X book is missing. Lets get into this. Shownu is likely to give you a piggy back ride whenever you want. The first few times, it would probably make him a little bit shy but he would slowly gain confidence in it. His would probably be the ones that look the most like something out a drama.He knew just how hard it could be learning a completely different language. He always tried so hard to let you know just how proud he was of you for even attempting to learn korean.

Originally posted by seokjins-wings. His nose would scrunch up and his cheeks would fill with air as he tried to hold back from laughing, but no matter what, he would never stop admiring your persistence. Originally posted by singulaerity. You needed a lot more practice but you were starting to grasp some of the basics. Originally posted by imobsessedwithsomuch.

bts reaction to you being bad

His favorite thing in the world was listening to you talk. He thought you had the most beautiful, calming voice he has ever heard. Originally posted by jimiyoong. He was very gentle and extremely patient with you. Originally posted by jvnckles. You were no doubt his pride and joy. Seeing you try so hard just to be able to speak fluently in korean with him made his heart swell with so much more love than he already had for you.

Originally posted by vkook-appreciation. May 12, Jin : He would be a little frustrated because you would call him after he gave you directions in detail and you still managed to get lost.

I thought I just gave you directions? Where are you? Originally posted by jjilljj. Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie. Hoseok : Confused because he gave them to you two times and yet you still found yourself getting lost. Originally posted by nycbtslover. Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon. Originally posted by beui. Taehyung : He had a feeling you forgot what time you were supposed to be at this little birthday party you both were invited to. He called you with a smile on his face.

When you answered, he noticed you sounded like you just woke up. We have a party to be at, remember? When you arrived and sat next to him, he just laughed at you and teased you about being forgetful. Originally posted by taesies. Like how can someone be late as often as yourself. How can you forget your own party? Originally posted by jkookisdaddy.

Thank you. I just needed to take a break to myself because things were going on but I is back! In interviews he would quickly shut down the interviewer when they would try and a snarky remark about your skin color and culture. Originally posted by got7gifsg. Mark : Pissed af. When those comments started flooding in, he would respond back to them angrily, not caring if it was a fan or not. Originally posted by poc7. He gets hate himself and he tries his hardest to ignore them but when it came to you, it was a different story.

Originally posted by jack Jinyoung : Deeply hurt and disappointed with eeryone who took the time to hurt you. It hurt him to see you affected by these mean comments. He knew you strong but it still made him angry. Originally posted by demongyeom. Originally posted by kissyjae.Jungkook however, had his head in his hand, eyes towards his book that he found himself doodling on because of boredom.

You were his ultimate crush who he had liked since he joined the school a year ago. However, you were the toughest girl in the school, you never noticed anyone else apart from your best friends. Later on in the current lesson he was in, Jungkook had his head around his art work that he had recently been working on until his ears twitched to pick up the conversation that yourself and one of your friends were having from the table behind him.

Have you got an eye on anyone right now, like any guy at all?

Jimin is Jungshook Over Literal Bae — Got7 Reacts to You Being a Bad Girl but Secretly...

Jungkook spent a whole three hours after college had finished, sorting out his wardrobe, getting his hair styled the way that would give off a bad boy impression and planned the next day ahead, crossed fingers in hope to get the girl he wants for this.

The day after, Jungkook pulled up in the college car park, jumping out of his car and locked it before heading around to the front of college and to the main double doors. He reached the door, turned to handle and walked in, looking around the room first, headphones still hanging from his ears, then very slowly walking towards his seat at the back of the class.

He was wearing all black, and leathers, his hair styled, which his fingers ran through before putting back perfectly into place. Although, your little trans was interrupted by your friend who pulled your hand away from your head as you almost smacked your head on the table, but quickly snapping it to face her as she tried her best to keep back the laughs she wanted to let out.

You grabbed your stuff, stood up and signaled the student sitting next to Jungkook to move somewhere else, dumping you stuff onto the floor and books on the desk, slouching down into the chair. Even then, you knew you were going to like him one way or another. BTS reactions and scenarios So you like bad boys? Masterlist bts bts scenarios jungkook jungkook scenarios jeon jungkook jeon jungkook scenarios.

Dec 04, If you, my beautiful followers ever. I Feel Bad. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. So you're a tough guy Like-it-really-rough guy Just-can't-get-enough guy Chest-always-so-puffed guy I'm that bad type Make-your-mama-sad type Make-your-girlfriend-mad type Might-seduce-your-dad type I'm the bad guy, duh I'm the bad guy, duh I'm only good at being bad Bad I like when you get mad I guess I'm pretty glad That you're alone.

His reaction was so pure. Itaewon Class. He'd kiss your head when you became shy away from him. BTS reaction to you writing fanfictions about them [Must read]. Park Jimin has the cutest little son. In reality, Yoongi was just being himself, keeping his normal face on.

Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription. If your sibling is putting you down or trying to make you feel bad, this is their problem and not yours. But Suga being non-heterosexual is not a bad thing.

You were sweating by the time you It broke him seeing you like this. He called it boring and pushed other kids down on purpose, getting you into trouble. In addition, there are many cafes located throughout the city if you need a hot. He never yelled, at least not at you. The saints are identifiable from Latin inscriptions lining the borders of the imitation bronze frame. While you were walking with Yoongi and the others to your designated terminal you started to feel even worse.

After you listen to this song, about liking bad boys in leather, you should listen to the rest of her album. You were in the.

bts reaction to you being bad

However, regularly consuming fattening junk food can be addictive for children and lead to complications like obesity, chronic illness, low self-esteem and even depression, as well as affecting how.

He was scrolling through his phone and you were playing Black Ops on the Xbox When you feel threatened, a chemical reaction occurs in your And, not all stress is bad. If you leave your cattle out in open range at night they are liable to being snatched by wolves. He was taking your bad behavior like a champ.

Bts Reaction To You Being Bad

Who doesn't want to know what their favorite celebrities are up to? We idolize them and want to know every detail of their daily routine. It's rare to see the happy member so serious, it was uncommon. Anon Request Yoongi You were lying on your bed next to your boyfriend when suddenly a sharp pain shot through your head. Be the first to know. I Hate Suzie. Start date Yesterday at PM. I Love Math.

What would you like the BMTA to improve? I wish there would be more buses. They fired arrows, hitting your arm. Sometimes, if someone is teasing or annoying you, they're just seeking attention.