Division 2 underground map

Map of Downtown East contains all the collectible items and treasure that can be found in Downtown East. With our guide to The Division 2 you will quickly get to know where and what to look for! All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. The Division 2 Guide. Game guide. Downtown East. Table of Contents.

Echo - inside bistro. Comms - In the underground parking garage. Comms - On the 1st floor. Comms - in the alley. Comms - Just inside the loading dock, in a small room beside a vending machine. Echo - inside construction side. Artwork - Inside the coin gallery. Comms - behind a padlocked fence overgrown with greenery. Comms - Behind a padlocked fence. Comms - In a carpark under the building, behind a padlocked fence. Comms - In the courtyard of the building.

Relic - Use the rope on the east side of the inner courtyard to climb to the rooftop.With the release of Warlords of New York, there's eight more Division 2 Exotics to grind for, some easier than others. This new expansion for The Division 2 sees players return to the Big Apple for the first time since the series started and as a result, the enemies are tougher and there's more sweet loot to be found.

All the existing Division 2 Exotics are still in the game too, so we've got the complete list here of every single exotic item — weapons and armor — and how to get them. Good luck, Agent!

Division 2 Warlords of New York Named Roaming NPC Map

Exotics are the highest-tier of rarity in The Division 2, just as they are in the base game. These ones are marked with WONYso you know which exotics will only be available if you purchase the expansion. This exotic backpack comes with two perks. Named after an infamous boss that could be exploited in the first game, Bullet King lives up to its moniker. Those are slim odds, but we have faith, Agents!

Get in close to increase your damage-dealing potential. This one is nice and easy to get hold of, too. It looks to drop fairly easily, too, with players reporting it dropping from Story missions, particularly the battle with Vivian Conley on the beached Tanker. Arguably one of the best-looking exotics to be added, Lady Death is more than just a pretty face. With kills also boosting movement speed, thus then increasing the speed at which you can earn Stacks, Lady Death is sure to be incredibly popular.

If your weapon of choice takes some time to reload, then this exotic pair of kneepads is for you. Moving between cover or hopping over it will reload your weapon immediately. While Ninjabike Messenger Kneepads can be found most commonly in the Dark Zone, they can also be found while playing PVE content but it seems the drop rate is lower.

You can even remove the second cooldown by getting a kill with your specialisation weapon. Lullaby is one of two Exotics in The Division 2 that It's a great gun to use right at the start of the game but because it's a level one shotgun, it quickly becomes obsolete. Thankfully, when you reach the end game and upgrade your crafting bench, you can deconstruct other weapons of the same type and use the components towards buffing the Lullaby. Ruthless was another exclusive pre-order bonus so you can also now pick it up in the same deluxe pack for credits.

Again, you can upgrade the Ruthless when you reach end-game so it can become useful at taking down the Black Tusk, but until then you'll probably want to keep it in your stash after you complete the first part of the game. Woohoo, this gun is actually available in-game!

The Chatterbox is an exotic SMG that requires multiple steps before you can acquire it. To get it for yourself, make sure you follow our Division 2 Chatterbox guide. When you obtain it in WT4, it has around an 8k damage output, fires rounds per minute, and holds 60 bullets per mag.

These core stats can be modified with your gear and weapon attachments though, so you can customise the gun to suit your playstyle. When you reload, this gets reset. This buff makes it so every shot that hits an enemy - along with the Incessant Chatter talent - increases the magazine capacity by one, to a maximum of Killing a target consumes the buff, but fully refills the magazine.

Finally, Blabbermouth is a talent that affects your other weapons. As you can see, chaining kills with the Chatterbox means you'll rarely have to reload and it turns into an incredible close range weapon. You may not think an Exotic Pistol is worth it, but trust us: the Liberty is.

The steps to acquire it are similar to the Chatterbox but slightly easier, because simply completing the main story earns you one of the components. Aiming down the sights also highlights all enemy weak points and electronics.

Finally, Independence buffs your equipped weapon while the Liberty is holstered.Did you know there's five unique Division 2 hidden side missions scattered across Washington D.

division 2 underground map

They don't appear on your map until you actually go and talk to the quest giver, so if you're searching for them, you'll need to actually know the Division 2 secret mission locations. They each offer unique rewards for The Division 2like outfits and blueprints for weapon mods. Here are all five Division 2 hidden side missions and where to find them. Fast travel to the Foggy Bottom Truman safe house, leave through the North Exit, then head west and follow the chainlink fence through the open double gates.

Climb on to the grassy embankment and into the car park, and you'll see a door by the front of a white van. The Retro Field Uniform is an old-timey outfit for your agent.

Follow it north until you see a brick house on your right with a huge pile of trash piled up against it. Cut in and run through the white picket fence and you'll see a huge burning pile of trash.

Run inside the open door for the white house, down the stairs and you'll find a room converted into a safe house with Stephen Shore, who will give you the Garage Stash side mission. Reward: Force Feed. Fast travel to the Archive safe house in Constitution Hall and leave through the West exit. Go north up 20th St NW, past the resource node, then as you go past the building with three American flags, take a right down the alley. In front of you will be a gay pride flag - enter the door on your left, open the door at the other side of the room then take a right.

Stood next to a caravan will be William Bromley, the quest giver. Reward: C79 Scope 3.

division 2 underground map

Eventually you'll reach a driveway on the right, opposite Brasserie Steakhouse on the left. Go down the driveway and through the open door in front. Take a left and at the end there's a rope to climb. Go up the next ladder, then climb through the smashed window. In here is where you'll find the person who gives you Missing Wire Scavengers.

Start at the Castle settlement and you don't have to go very far at all. Run through the south exit and take a right. Almost immediately on your right again is a driveway going underground, with some sandbags and a guard hut at the end.

Run all the way into the underground car park, open the doors at the end and go down the stairs. Here's the safe area where you can obtain the Missing Curators side mission. Once you're done with all the Division 2 Hidden Side Missions, why not hunt down some Division 2 bounties? One of the resident guide writers around these parts, give me a game and I will write every "how to" I possibly can or die trying.

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division 2 underground map

With our guide to The Division 2 you will quickly get to know where and what to look for! All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. The Division 2 Guide. Game guide. White House. Table of Contents. Airdrop Crate - Hanging from the tree. Airdrop Crate - Hanging on the edge of the building. Airdrop Crate - Hanging from a tree. Artwork - on control point. Comms - On the hood of a wrecked SUV. Comms - upstairs on a table.


Comms - under the tent. Comms - On a table inside the basketball court. Comms - w malym parku. Echo - in the grass. Echo - in the car park.

division 2 underground map

Comms - to the left of the entrance. Relic - on a dead body. Comms - in a room inside the large building. Comms - on a desk. Comms - on a small garden table.

The Division 2 exotics guide: A complete list of all exotics in The Division 2

Comms - on a desk in the hall. Comms - upstairs on the balcony. Comms - in the middle of the road. Artifact - inside the aparment.For example, Hyena caches require Hyena keys. These chests can contain powerful rewards, but players will need to do a little work in order to obtain the requisite keys to unlock them. Specifically, the easiest way to obtain Hyena keys is by focusing one's efforts on the game's underground tunnels, which are accessed through things like open manholes. These tunnels are scattered throughout The Division 2 's map, and they are designated by a yellow icon with an arrow pointing downward.

That said, these icons will not be immediately visible when viewing the open world map. They are instead revealed when an Agent approaches the icon's location.

Once below, players should be on the lookout for small, gray key cabinets mounted to the tunnel walls. These cabinets will be designated as lootable, and interacting with one will grant a faction key. With respect to specific underground locations, an easy access point is located just south of the White House lawn, immediately below where the game's first mission begins.

The entrances outlined in this video are found at the following locations:. Additionally, these types of cabinets can be located when exploring buildings, though this is a much less reliable option. After spending some time obtaining keys from the aforementioned locations, players should have little trouble accessing the locked chests they encounter. Source: VG William Parks is an editor at Game Rant with a background in visual arts.

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Share Tweet Email 0. How to Get the Fortnite Deadpool Skin.To successfully tackle these obstacles, you'll need some stronger gear and weapons. To obtain those, you first need to find special faction chests, also called faction caches.

These come in three types: Hyena chests, True Sons chests, and Outcast chests. But there's a catch. Finding the chests doesn't let you open them automatically. Instead, you must also find a special key corresponding to the chest type. These keys are typically not found near the same areas their corresponding chests areso you have to look elsewhere.

HOW TO GET ALL 12 SECRET HUNTER MASKS in The Division 2 - All Locations & Guide

Unfortunately, the exact whereabouts of Hyena Keys and the other Faction Keys is a bit of a random thing. There are specific key cabinets you can check, but there's no guarantee looting said areas will give you what you're looking for.

The type of key in the cabinet depends on what faction is currently controlling the area you're in. If it's the Hyena Faction, you stand a better chance of finding a Hyena Key in the cabinet.

If you aren't in a faction-controlled area, then there's no influence on the type of key. The most likely places for success are the various underground tunnels dotted around D. As such, the game gives you plenty of areas you can potentially use for Hyena Key farming, and Faction Key farming in general. For example, right behind where you start your first mission in D.

As you can see from the image, the map displays a down-arrow in spots where you can descend underground. Another place where you can enter the sewers and find Faction Keys includes Roosevelt Island. Just north of that location is another sewer, where you can find two key cabinets, then another one near the ladder at the end. The sewer to the west houses two keys, one to the right of the entrance and the other near a large door you encounter as you travel through.

North of the Dark Recon marker is yet another sewer with keys. Enter the sewer and go left, and then enter the room on the right.Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Google Stadia free from today where available. Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival heads to Stan soon. Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch guide: Get organized, expand inventory. Resident Evil 3 locks guide: Be the Master of Unlocking.

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The potential ramifications of coronavirus on the games industry. Coronavirus and you: How to game and avoid isolation while isolating. Friendly Fire Show Reviews stranding. Friendly Fire Show Review backlog. Friendly Fire Show Take Control. Home Guides The Division 2 interactive map shows key locations, collectibles. The Division 2 interactive map shows key locations, collectibles. BY Steve Wright. Highly useful.