How to use msi afterburner oc scanner

It provides an incredibly detailed overview of your hardware and comes with some additional features such as customizing fan profiles, benchmarking and video recording. MSI Afterburner is available completely free of charge and can be used with graphics cards from all brands. MSI Afterburner Overclocking tools provide easy and precise access to your graphics card settings.

OC Scanner is an automated function that will find the highest stable overclock settings for your card. Giving you a free performance boost for a smooth in-game experience thanks to higher FPS. Visit the tutorial blog for details information. The Hardware Monitor shows critical hardware information in real-time; temperature, usage, clock speed, and voltage. You can display selected information on-screen to keep an eye on key statistics while you are in game. Heat dissipation is an essential factor for graphics card performance.

Afterburner lets you fully customize a predefined fan speed curve, allowing you to determine cooling performance all the way! The On Screen Displayed in the corner of screen is your best friend in games. Select one from the settings menu or download a custom skin angle between hour and minute hand formula. Kombustor is an exclusive burn-in benchmarking tool based on the well-known Furmark software.

how to use msi afterburner oc scanner

This program is specifically designed to push your graphics card to the limits to test stability and thermal performance.

Share your greatest moments! With Predator, you can record your best performance in games or overclocking without missing a single frame. The Predator software supports the H.

how to use msi afterburner oc scanner

AVIsize and quality to capture your match winning frag, beating the game on hard or breaking a record in overclocking. Share your achievements and become famous! The exclusive MSI Afterburner is now also available for Android so you can control your graphics card from your phone without having to switch to Windows.Latest Studio Driver Discussion Thread.

Rtings Gsync Compatible List. GeForce Experience 3. ShadowPlay Highlights Manual. How to disable notifications in GFE 3. How to downgrade to GeForce Experience 2. How to reduce coil whine. Which video card cooler is right for you. Demystifying Asynchronous Compute.

how to use msi afterburner oc scanner

Anandtech's Pascal Asynchronous Compute. I'm using the latest beta 9 build. When I hit the little Wifi Icon next to the Core slider, it takes me to the graph page, but when I click on "OC Scanner" in the top right, nothing happens.

I just ran it! Press the small bar graph next to the words "core clock" and click oc scanner on the top right. For the record, it is much better than evga's x1 program. I clicked the small graph next to core clock, but on the top right there is no OC scanner showing up?

Nope just uninstalled lol I only wanted to find out the temp of the gpu my games run fine so no need to OC. You need to download the beta version They changed the oc scanner button location to the top left of afterburner if that helps, I also didn't realize that oc scanner wasn't available for the 10 series only the 20 but then they made it available.

Are you FE? Fan speed? You are supposed to run it, then move slider to boost more. From videos I have seen, not personal experience. Are we sure about this? I've been reading you max voltage slider and you max power limit then scan. No, move the sliders first you need to enable voltage control in settings. Once core voltage, power limit, and Temp limit are maxed out, scan that bad boy.

I did it because MSI official site tells us to do it actually and I followed their procedure. Even after resetting Afterburner or setting it to much lower settings, it keeps crashing in game. If I set the "silent" preset of "MSI gaming app", I was able to play a hour with no crash but it still crashed at the end. Do you think I might have destroyed my GPU power supplies or something? I'm not a novice at overclocking but that's something I've not seen before PS: I doubt it is due to my PC power supply which is a Seasonic W bought about 5 years ago iirc but given the symptoms I can't exclude it.

I have a W Seasonic modular power supply with 4 power plugs, each of them can be used to get 2 PCIe connectors from it. I had only one of those 4 power plugs used with the 2 connectors of the on it, so I left that power line unused and used 2 other lines instead, one per connector for the this time.

I don't know if doing that is the reason but now the problem seems gone.MSI Afterburner download 4. It is the best utility tool to overclock the graphics card. It provides detailed information about GPU and other hardware, also allows you to customize the settings. It also provides benchmarking and video recording. The software is completely free to download and use. Overclocking means to increase the clock speed and frequency of GPU.

It is a complete freeware software. Along with overclocking, you can also monitor the different aspects of the computer.

how to use msi afterburner oc scanner

It provides detailed information about hardware. Every feature is very necessary for gaming. If you are out of resources but still want to play high-quality games on your PC. Then provides the optimization suggestion. If you are a newbie then just apply the suggestions to increase the GPU performance. And if you are an expert, then use its different features to maximize the performance. Then you can use the different features of it according to your needs. The software itself a collection of different tools that are as follows.

That automatically provides the best settings for MSI Afterburner. By using this feature, you will get maximum performance from your GPU. The hardware monitor shows the realtime statics of your hardware. Such as temperature, usage, clock speed, and voltage, etc. You can keep an eye on every aspect while playing games. It does not reduce gaming performance while showing statics. This feature allows you to control the fan speed concerning performance. The temperature is a very important factor in gaming.

It provides a full fan speed optimization curve. You can determine the cooling performance easily by using this. Want to check system status while playing games?. Then this feature will help you to do that. You will play the game and it will show you how your system is performing while gaming.

If you want to boost your FPS then use this tool. Its overlay is very awesome you can customize everything by using it. There are lots of features the software includes which we have shared above. Open the app and you will see various clock options to increase or decrease. Such as core clock, memory clock and fan speed, etc. But you can also use the Afterburner without any problem.

Yes, It is safe to overlock GPU until you know how to overclock in a proper very. The very hard push can harm your hardware. So be careful before overclocking GPU.Forums New posts Search forums. New posts New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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Get a free performance boost with Afterburner OC Scanner

Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter mgty23 Start date Mar 17, Joined Mar 16, Messages All power limit,temp limit,voltage maxed? Or only power limit and temp limit without voltage? Or maybe all default? I have Ti After scan when i clicked test i think curve was go to lower and boost was lower but before test i must click apply or not?

Auer [H]ard Gawd. Joined Nov 2, Messages 1, Try different settings. Custom Fan curve. And yes you must click apply. Even without curve my voltage fluctuating like crazy,maybe its normal? I have maxed sliders power ,temp,voltage. One time on mhz is 1. Its random. Its normal?

Sometimes on is 1. I am testing firestrike gpu test 1 and i have crashing when i am looped. Even on small oc is crash. Tried on stock memory but still crashing. My psu is fine. Corsair RmX ps: Ah its only firestrike gpu 1 test. On all games and other benches i am stable on mhz even. Stock boost is mhz.

This much GPU power is just insane... RTX 2080Ti FTW 3

When i left him default no oc but max all sliders: power limit,temp limit, then my max clock at start is mhz. So basically i dont must oc right? And then its not crashing lol so where is the point?!The software world is completely filled with a lot of smaller components which ultimately is compiled together in order to form a complete system.

This system consists of various components including the software parts as well as the hardware parts which eventually helps in building up the system to be implemented on a tangible medium which can be used freely by a user.

Few of the essential hardware components for a system are as follows:. Thus these main devices make up the essential components of the system and the major focus which is coming in the market these days are that on the Graphic Cards which majorly deals with the UI and UX of the system.

There is the availability of replaceable Graphic cards for enhanced gaming features for each system and these are provided subject to system configuration and compatibility with the operating system. This is the widely used software in the World which is used to tap and overlook all the clocking periods and timings of the Graphic card. It gives a wide an efficient review of the hardware and then gives additional advantages as forms of other features such as:.

This software is also available in the open source platform free of cost and can easily be used for all the types of graphics cards. It is also a great software to monitor tweaking voltages and health status of the VGA cable. This locking mechanism is achieved by this software by the following two features known as:. Thus after all this discussion, it is pertinent to know how to download and how to use MSI afterburner.

The are some particular issues that are resolved by this software and they are:. Thus the following ways state the process of how to use MSI afterburner. This is basically used to solve any kind of VGA related problem and thus it is necessary to monitor VGA temperature and the process is given as:. Now this may be activated in the following three conditions as:. Now first you have to deactivate the auto control and change the settings manually and thereby shifting the slider control to the necessary setting that you want and then click on Apply to choose the fan speed.

This is a separate software which can be installed along with afterburner which provides necessary graphical control to the temperature variation of the VGA cable. Overclocking is reduced by regulating the slider on the clocking button and thereby we have to reduce the MHz value and this reduces the timing period of the clock. Overvolting is an issue which can be reduced by adjusting the slider on the core voltage value and thereby reducing the voltage value from a maximum range of 1.

This option is available to the users of advanced versions but the power levels can basically be adjusted with the help of power sliders and the necessary settings that must be done to achieve it are:. In this case, the default temperature is set at 79 degrees and then the fluctuations in the temperature settings can be accentuated by the following process as:.

Also, there is the various updated version of this software which provides better temperature control and thereby provides various modes of operation.

This is used during the running period of the Gaming interval and is used to boost the clock rate period of the gaming time and it can be easily done in the OC mode or the Gaming mode. This button helps in smooth transgressing between different gaming profiles and it can be done by selecting on the profile number and clicking on save option. Thereafter click on the Apply Overclocking at system start upsetting and wait till the light becomes green in color.

There are many updated versions of this software which are available in the market and few of these mentioned versions are as follows:. The GPU is achieved in most of the graphics cards and it is achieved after overclocking of many gaming periods. The most efficient way to clock this is to do it by using this software and it can be done in the following ways:. Thus from the above discussion, we get a fair and rough idea about how to use MSI afterburner and this is majorly used to monitor the temperature and other heating issues of a graphics card basically during the gaming period and thereby avoid any kind of system failure or harm to the device.Log in or Sign up.

Using the OC Scanner option gives me an overclock curve which starts MHz higher than the curve I would get by setting a manual overclock, both end up about MHz on the curve and are stable with benchmarks and games that max the graphics card out. I am finding frequency typically settles down around MHz with prolonged play.

The reason I am asking is that I play a couple of older games which typically have the graphics card performing around the MHz range and the OC Scanner overclock makes them more prone to occasionally crash to desktop. At stock no crashes at all. So I think I need to tinker with the curve to lower frequency at the lower voltage points to match stock so maybe make the curve climb a bit steeper towards the highest frequency? The graph curve voltage range is mV but I believe the max allowable voltage is mV or mV and I haven't ticked unlock voltage control and unlock voltage monitoring.

Is unticking these only relevant to trying to get a higher overclock or do I need to untick to tinker with the curve? Last edited: Mar 6, Storm AlertMar 5, Up until now I had always applied a manual oc, but now I'm playing with the oc scanner. Having looked at the curve it created it has got me thinking about how the overclock is applied at lower frequencies.

A manual oc applies the same frequency increase to all voltage points. The Afterburner oc scanner applies a curve which for my graphics card is highest at the lowest frequency and lowest at the highest frequency range MHz to MHz. This has got me asking the following questions: What is the point of boosting frequency at the lower end? Is the only benefit a higher frequency for a lower given voltage point? If the game needs more frequency it will just get it anyway?

The only games that need the overclock will be getting it at maximum frequency. As the Afterburner oc scanner does not do that I wondered what the rationale behind the curve it produces is? Last edited: Mar 7, Storm AlertMar 7, You've been missing out on the face that nvidia has been using this curve method for card clocks since boost 3.

The OC scanner is also made by nvidia. Anyone else want to contribute to some education here? You must log in or sign up to reply here.It is a graphics-based utility that can help you take control of your graphics card.

Testing NVIDIA OC Scanner on Pascal Based GeForce GTX 1080

As it is clear from the introduction that MSI burner is one of the best graphic card utilities for overclocking, which helps users to make the most of their chipset.

However, apart from overclocking, there are several other things that Afterburner is capable of doing so. It gives complete control over the graphics card. It is responsible for monitoring, benchmarking, customizing fan profiles, troubleshooting, and much more keep reading to know more about the features. Overclocking is potentially a disastrous task, however, thanks to the MSI Afterburner, which keeps this process simplified. It allows you to push your GP to its maximum capabilities while keeping the permanent hardware damage at bay.

Talking about how does it do that, Well, MSI Afterburner gives you control over a variety of settings such as core voltage, temperature limit, power limit, fan speed, core and memory clock speed. OC Scanner uses Nvidia developed algorithms that can scan any model and determine the best performance and stable overclocking settings corresponding to that model.

Since the overclocking allows you to tweak to the parameters such as GPU temperature, memory and core clock speed, FPS, voltage, and so on, it also provides a mechanism to monitor the changes.

MSI Afterburner displays the changes in the series of graphs and on-screen display that can help you monitor the tweaks in the game. Kombuster is a burn-in GPU stress utility used for comparing stability and thermal performance. Kombuster provides detailed information the tweaks that you have made in overclocking along with how they will affect the performance.

Heat distribution plays an important role when it comes to graphics cards. You can use a preset fan speed curveball, which makes the fan decrease or increase the speed on the basis of GPU temperature. In this way, you can safely overclock the GPU without worrying about the damages, as this feature will take care of it by determining the cooling performance when the heat builds up.

This also allows you to save presets to use them later on. In this way, this utility will automatically configure to your desired settings while switching games. Do you know you can record videos of your game with MSI Afterburner and that too very efficiently? The Predator can record gameplay without even missing a single frame rate. This tool is even compatible with the H. It also gives you leverage to configure different settings such as frame rate limit, quality, and compression types.

MSI Afterburner gives little treats to the gamers as well. It gives gamers an option to select from various different skins that give your gaming experience a makeover. There are many skins available in the app, and you can download more online. To entertain users across the globe, MSI Afterburner offers language support in several languages.

You can change the language from the User Interface menu. Apart from all the rainbows and unicorns about overclocking, the in-game FPS counter is by far the handiest yet best feature. In-game FPS counter displays real-time information on how the system is working in-game. In other words, it allows you to monitor the performance of GPU while you enjoy your game!