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Yesterday I have transfered my number to a different phone, an iPhone 4. Every since then I am not receiving any pictures and any pics I send are not going thru. My phone says sent but they never receive it. I am able to get pics I send myself but nothing from anyone else.

No one at tracfone is able to help. Thank you for any advise you could give me. This is supposed to happen automatically but sometimes there is a problem. And to make it worse, since your phone is supposed to set this up automatically, the settings page on your iPhone is hidden. Then test sending and receiving messages again.

picture text crown

I was reading through the instructions at the link below. Thanks for sharing. I think most people using iPhone want to have iMessage enabled. Did you see if it with iMessage on? Just recently purchased a iPhone 6s from Tracfone. After three different Tracfone reps trying to help me we came to the conclusion that the only way to receive MMS with photos is to leave data turned on.

That sort of defeats using Tracfone service for me. Anyone else have similar experience? So glad I found this thread.

I have 2 tracfones for my sons that both are not sending or receiving pictures via MMS. Purchased new from Amazon. Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown. I found the APN but am unable to edit. Advice please! Thank you!! Usually you can do one or another.Take your photos, designs, and social media posts to the next level with filters, touch up tools, and graphics.

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Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system. It only takes a minute to sign up. I tried to send a text message - attaching a photo already on my phone the first time and attaching a picture taken at time of send the second time.

However, when I try to send this text message - the status remains sending an my correspondent does not receive the message. Is this a problem with my phone company, you think, or can I have changed some setting somehow. Is there a setting that can be set, anyhow? I did send picture attachments with text message beforesome weeks agobut not after upgrading to Froyo 2.

Pressing the Start will 'play' the picture as move of about 5 seconds - since it is a picture, of course the image does not change. I am pretty sure this was not the case when I sent some image messages a couple of weeks ago. To be complete: even the image messages I did send before now show this 'movie' type of action.

I had to check the Settings - Wireless and network - Mobile network - Use packet data check box. When this was done, I could send picture MMS messages. Maybe obvious for some. Verify these and try again :. I had a similar problem in the UK with Orange after I rooted my phone. Settings all looked correct. Deleting the two APN profiles that were there and re entering them by hand following instructions on a page similar to those provided by Matthew Read fixed it. I've had a similar problem, APNs 'appeared' correct, company phone so the liaison guy reported the issue to telco O2settings needed sending over the air to fix, and something their end.

Your "use packet data" must to be activated. I had the same problem. Solved problem by enabling packet data and turning on 3G. WiFi wouldn't work. Once I switched to mobile-data, photos were sent instantly. Sign up to join this community.

I Can’t Send and Receive MMS Picture Messages on My Tracfone Wireless iPhone 4

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I can't send a picture attachment together with a text message any more Samsung Galaxy S.This is the best place to copy and paste cool text symbols from!

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I have the Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown — in my opinion the worst phone ever made. I will never buy another Samsung product — this is junk.

Will not connect to Wi-Fi unless I am home. No, not what I was chasing.

Galaxy S7: Send Pictures or Video Via MMS Text Message

My problem is that when I try to send a pdf file through a text message on my Samsung Galaxy S7. When I try to add a recipient there are only a few of my contacts available to choose from. Any ideas out there. I want to send emoji stickers — the big ones not the tiny emoji faces. This is an awful phone if it cannot even send videos in a text. My Samsung galaxy s7 active will not send message or photo in message app.

picture text crown

Have tried and read but nothing. Is my phone has to be set or something? Thank you.

picture text crown

My girlfriend sends videos from iPhone their perfect, mine are horrible quality and my phones supposedly more advanced?

Galaxy s7 edge, why is this. How can I send a message with a pic on same message. It appears as 2 messages to the person I send it to, also get a message on phone that it will go as 2 messages. I tried all of the tips, tricks mentioned on here. I keep getting destination address failure every time I try and send a picture? How do I fix this? I just got a S7 and sometimes when i send mms or a picture to a single person it shows as being sent from my old s5 which now has a different number.

It did fine on the s5 I had.