The retis laboratory

Real estate investment trusts REITs — companies that invest in a variety of properties, from office buildings to apartments and self-storage buildings — built big gains in In contrast, the small-cap Russell Index used for comparison because the majority of REITs are smaller companies has gained Of course, people don't ordinarily invest in REITs to beat the stock market averages.

The ReTiS Lab

They invest in them for income. When the yield of bonds and stocks are so low, REITs become extremely popular. Real estate also provides diversification. While REITs are still stocks, they don't always move in the same direction as the broad market.

And their above-average dividend yields are a nice shelter in a downturn. While you can invest in a real estate fund, such as the Vanguard Real Estate ETF VNQthere are plenty of good individual REITs to buy, many of which offer high yields and reasonable valuations, despite the sector's towering heights this year.

In just the past year, REITs have a performance difference of percentage points. Which ones have the top prospects for the future? Read on as we examine the 10 best REITs to buy for But SITE centers own and manage open-air shopping centers, often anchored with a grocery store.

Grocery stores aren't being terribly threatened by the trend toward online shopping at least at the moment. Yes, Amazon. It might not be much, but Wall Street loves a turnaround. It owns Office space is economically sensitive, and as the economy has slowed, so have office REITs, which have lagged the average real estate investment trust over the past 12 months. Boston Properties' high-quality holdings are a good place if you're hoping the economy will rev up again — or if you simply want a stake in the nation's hottest office markets.

The rapidly growing dividend is a nice draw, too. The industrial space, in REIT terms, isn't factories. Instead, they're distribution centers and logistics facilities that have gone well beyond mere warehouses. These properties are geared toward getting goods to consumers, rather than bulk shipments to stores.

Those buildings need complex logistical systems to load trucks, as well as accept and process returns. Furthermore, they often need to be near transportation hubs, such as airports and rail terminals, where land is expensive. In other words, these companies are the best REITs to buy if you want to leverage the growth of e-commerce. Duke Realty boasts more than facilities sprawled across million square feet in 20 major American logistics markets.

Admittedly, rising prices have tamped down the yield.This interview is part of a series of interviews with academics and practitioners at an early stage of their career. The interviews discuss current research and projects, as well as advice for other early career scholars.

He acts as reviewer for several IR journals and his research interests are mainly in borderlands, strategic studies, defense and the Latin American military affairs. What or who prompted the most significant shifts in your thinking or encouraged you to pursue your area of research? I think that my former MSc supervisor, Dr.

The Amazon region and borderlands represented a marginal area for both political and social sciences in the country. Nowadays, several graduate programs dedicate their courses MSc and PhD to these specific issues borderlands, frontier, strategic studies, etc. How have Brazilian armed forces secured the Amazon region?

For the Brazilian military, the main goal is to regain some of the trust and a more positive perception of the general population, particularly after the harsh dictatorship that split the country. Just after the end of the military regime, the top Brazilian generals decided to step back from political affairs. The creation of the Ministry of Defense in was a decisive moment during the transition period.

Several political and corruption scandals took place during the last government of Dilma Rousseff and some conservative generals from the reserve publicly criticized Rousseff and helped to pressure her impeachment process.

For example, seven of the 22 ministers have a military background. I think that the Covid crisis was also a crucial moment as the Brazilian military responded by both helping the population in rural areas and strategically putting former generals in key positions in the presidential inner-circle. Due to its continental dimensions and diverse ecosystems, the region is a significant problem by itself. The main issue here is its overall cost. The program is still under a preliminary test phase and the Covid crisis is not going to accelerate the process.

Instead, a lot of efforts are being directed to the Paraguay border. I think that the Brazilian Army operates as a dual player in these areas.

But lately the military was involved in some scandals, which could result in a backlash. For instance, during a presidential tour last year, a Brazilian Air Force sergeant flying in a government aircraft was busted transporting 39 kilos of cocaine, for the Spanish market. The official has since been charged with international drug-trafficking. What is your understanding of the term? Does Brazil have the capacity to handle this large area in the South Atlantic? Over the last decades, the concept was enlarged, from a geographical point of view.This is a security brief for the newly discovered ransomware called Retis.

This brief will contain technical information related to how it infects a computer, how it is distributed, and whether it can be decrypted or not.

the retis laboratory

This is a. NET ransomware, so its source code is easily accessible. When started it will first target the victim's Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folder for encryption. After encrypting those folder, it will target the rest of the drives on the computer. After encrypting a file it will append the. The executable also contains a secpmd image resource of a mountain range, but it is not used. The name is taken from the string of text found in both the console while Retis is running and ransom note wallpaper that it will set.

In both of these locations the string "Hack Lab by Retis" is displayed. If anyone becomes a victim of this ransomware, please contact us and we will see if we can create a decryptor for you. This includes using good computing habits and security software. First and foremost, you should always have a reliable and tested backup of your data that can be restored in the case of an emergency, such as a ransomware attack. Last, but not least, make sure you practice the following security habits, which in many cases are the most important steps of all:.

Tyler Technologies paid ransomware gang for decryption key. The Week in Ransomware - October 9th - Giant ransoms.

Largest cruise line operator Carnival confirms ransomware data theft. Massachusetts school district shut down by ransomware attack. Not a member yet?

Register Now. To receive periodic updates and news from BleepingComputerplease use the form below.The Linux kernel contains different scheduler classes. The default scheduler, CFS, makes a very good job in coping with different use cases. For example, when mixing batch workloads such as long-running code compilations or number crunching, and interactive applications such as desktop applications, multi-media or others, the CFS dynamically de-prioritizes batch tasks in favour of interactive ones.

Now, if a task tries to run for longer than its assigned budget, the kernel will suspend that task and defer its execution to its next activation period. This non-work conserving property of the scheduler allows it to provide temporal isolation among the tasks.

Also, a peculiar property of the CBS algorithm is that it guarantees temporal isolation also in presence of tasks blocking and resuming execution: this is done by resetting a task scheduling deadline to a whole period apart, whenever a task wakes up too late. For each task, in addition to the configured runtime and relative period, the kernel keeps track of a current runtime and a current absolute deadline. Each time a task is scheduled to run on any CPU, the kernel lets it run for at most the available current budget, and whenever the task is descheduled its current budget is decreased by the amount of time it has been run.

Once the current budget goes to zero, the task is suspended throttled till the next activation period, when the current budget is refilled again to the configured value, and the deadline is moved forward by a value equal to the task period. This is not sufficient to guarantee temporal isolation.

A task suspending itself shortly after its activation, and then waking up close to its current deadline or even beyond, would wake up with nearly the whole of its configured budget, but with a current deadline that is very close to expire, or even in the past.

In such condition, that task would be scheduled before any other one, and on a single-processor system it would be able to delay execution of any other deadline task for as long as its budget. When a task wakes up, if a relatively small time has elapsed since the task blocked, then the previous current deadline and budget are kept unchanged for the task. However, if an excessive amount of time has elapsed, then the kernel resets the current deadline to the current time plus the reservation period, and the current budget to the allocated reservation budget.

For a longer explanation with examples, see. In such a case, the configured budget is the total cumulative amount of time the task is allowed to run on any CPU during each period. However, the scheduler also respects tasks' affinity masksso one can easily create partitioned scheduling scenarios, partitioning tasks in groups where each group is restricted to a specific CPU, or clustered scheduling scenarios, obtained by also partitioning CPUs and each tasks partition is pinned down to a specific CPUs partition.

The original version has been developed by Dario Faggioli contract by Evidence Srl for the development of the first three versions and Juri Lelli since the fourth version [15] with sporadic help from Michael Trimarchi and Fabio Checconi. Juri Lelli, Luca Abeni and Claudio Scordino have collaborated to the development of the reclaiming i.

GRUB [16] and frequency-scaling i. The patch has been periodically released to the kernel community through the Linux kernel mailing list LKML. Each release aligned the code to the latest version of the kernel and took into account comments received at the previous submission. As the popularity of the scheduler increased, a higher number of kernel developers started providing their feedback and their contribution. Finally, after more than four years and the submission of nine releases, the patch has been accepted and merged into the Linux kernel 3.

Since kernel 4. The work has been done by ARM Ltd. The project has been also presented at the Kernel Summit in[49] [50] at the Linux Plumbers Conference[51] [52] and at the Embedded Linux Conference The project has an official page. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.The international magazine "Times Higher Education" ranked the school among the best universities in the World University Rankings The group is directed by Prof.

Giorgio Buttazzo, was established inand it is currently composed of 30 people, including 5 faculty members, 10 research associates and 15 PhD students.

the retis laboratory

The ReTiS group has been involved in many European research projects related to several aspects of real-time computing, including scheduling, operating systems support for embedded systems, design methodology and tools for real-time applications, real-time control software for cloud computing, multicore and heterogeneous platforms with FPGAs.

The ReTiS Lab has also made important contributions by producing drones for precision agriculture and wearable sensors for telemedicine. Economics and Management Law Political Sciences. Admission International Mobility. First level Master's diploma. Second level Master's diploma. The Biorobotics Institute. Institute of Law, Politics and Development. Institute of Economics. Institute of Management.

Institute of Communication, Information and Perception Technologies. Admission Prospective students. International Institutions and Companies. Library Make a Gift. Via G.The international magazine "Times Higher Education" ranked the school among the best universities in the World University Rankings The research team in Pisa is receiving one million for Real-time scheduling of embedded systems in applications such as automobiles, power grids, manufacturing and industrial control systems, which require real-time management of both the physical and computing components including energy, computers, and networks.

The AMPERE project aims at incorporating model-driven engineering as the key element for the construction of complex software architectures. Complex software systems supported by computing platforms composed of parallel heterogeneous architectures need methods and techniques based on reliable standardized solutions that can be derived from existing architectural design.

The research team will work on a high level of abstraction for heterogeneous executable units. The focus of their work will be on high performance computing and low-energy IoT devices for the smart manufacturing with real-time strict timing and safety requirements, reduced energy consumption and costs. RETIS established in They conduct the analysis of non-functional properties to optimize various communication protocols and new processor architectures leading to components parallelism.

Expected outcomes are secure Real Time-IoT frameworks, collective communication and efficient high-performance systems. Performance, portability, and productivity for data-parallel computations on multi- and many-core architectures are the features to accelerate deep learning applications and AI concepts on the emerging heterogeneous systems.

The global market for the embedded systems industry was valued at USD Value is expected to rise to Reduced Energy Consumption - optimization of battery-powered devices, low energy monitors and visualizations, advanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules.

Deep Learning Applications — AI concepts, new range of applications from image processing to audio analysis. Economics and Management Law Political Sciences. Admission International Mobility. First level Master's diploma. Second level Master's diploma. The Biorobotics Institute. Institute of Law, Politics and Development. Institute of Economics. Institute of Management. Institute of Communication, Information and Perception Technologies. Admission Prospective students.

International Institutions and Companies.

the retis laboratory

Library Make a Gift. Sant'Anna Magazine News. See also:.In addition, overall growth at physical retailers has slowed. Digital growth is being pushed by "increases in mobile commerce and the intensifying online battle between large retailers and digital marketplaces," according to eMarketer.

Laboratories worldwide

These predictions indicate that the slow march to more sales moving online continues, but brick-and-mortar retailers still have the vast majority of the business. That means that while many traditional physical chains will continue to suffer, there's still a significant customer base shopping in actual stores. That creates a challenge for struggling chains like Sears Holdings that may be entering a make-or-break holiday season.

Sears and Kmart need to find ways to get customers into the stores that go beyond price. That's a big challenge for the shrinking company. Chains that can give shoppers a reason to visit -- with discounts, exclusive merchandise, and even in-store events or entertainment -- still have a chance to succeed.

That's going to keep getting harder as digital convenience grows, but in 2017 there remains room for some brick-and-mortar chains to grow year-over-year comparable-store sales. Kline has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.

LPC2018 - SCHED_DEADLINE desiderata and slightly crazy ideas

The Motley Fool has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy. Kline is an accomplished writer and editor who has worked for Microsoft on its Finance app and The Boston Globe, where he wrote for the paper and ran the Boston.

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Kline (TMFDankline) Sep 7, 2017 at 9:35AM Discounting is expected to be a theme. Image source: Getty Images. Kline (TMFDankline) Article Info googletag. UFC 218 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC Fight Night 122 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC Fight Night 121 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC Fight Night 120 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC 217 predictions by Luca Fury.

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The 10 Best REITs to Buy for 2020

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