Vicidial lead format

All fields are there. The only way I am able to import is with a Tab or Pipe delimitted format, however, this is not convenient for end users.

Would really appreciate some help on this, thank you in advance. I renamed the file to txt to pull data. Thanks Matt. XLS format results in same error message. You could also try changing the system setting to not allow writable web directory. Here is the output of the temp after csv upload.

Auto-lead Data Format

IE: Keep on dialing even while loading large lists! Actually I have made a tab file directly from the csv and it imports without any problems. Although vicidialnow should have all packages installed, I tried re-installing perl modules from CPAN. If you are re-installing packages be sure to use "-force install 'module' " to bypass the already installed message. Only Tab versions are working.

Will update any progress but I'm no coder so hold your breath Matthew Martin "Voipo Experto" www. Hope this helps someone as a first place to test uploading leads. I tried with Firefox 3. I can only import leads Standard format automatic mode when the list is in tab delimited format.

Regards, Dennis Vicibox 8. I just filled every line with testdata and made single word headers. I tried both xls and xlsx. Like i said i can import tab delimited fine. Only difference i can think of is that the other person in this thread might have used an older version of IE.

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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. As I am new to vicidial facing problem while loading leads file excel file with different versions. CSV format it loads all lead successfully. Vicidial generally doesn't like to deal with direct XLS files, it usually works a lot better with either CSV or tab delimited files. Excel tends to add a lot of extra formatting characters that throws it off. We use Wombat that has a drag-and-drop interface for data uploading, but if your files are very large you'd be better off pushing them through an API.

And When you want to edit the text file you created do a "open with" excel. Learn more. Asked 5 years, 10 months ago.


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vicidial lead format

Ryan Coe Ryan Coe 11 3 3 bronze badges. That doesn't matter. There's a perl script it uses called sheet2tab. AlBlue The columns you may want to have in your.

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Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits. Visit chat. Related Hot Network Questions. Question feed.You can find VICIdial in use at thousands of different companies and organizations all over the world.

With over 14, installations in over countries around the world. The agent screen is available in 16 Read the Rest…. Let your agents handle inbound and outbound phone calls as well as inbound email and customer website chat all together in the same web-based agent interface. With Skills-based routing and Read the Rest…. You get your own physical servers in one of our hosting facilities.

We have hundreds of servers in our private hosted clusters that we maintain just for our hosted call Read the Rest…. See what our customers have to say about VICIdial! Read More This video explains what VICIdial is, how Open-Source Software works, why thousands of companies have chosen to use it, who the Vicidial Group is and what services we can offer to you. From a bank in Japan to a social club in the United States, all sorts of organizations trust VICIdial to communicate with their customers and members.

The agent screen is available in 16 different languages, with options to easily create your own custom translations as well. With Skills-based routing and Queue Prioritization, you can have calls and emails go to the agents that can handle them the most efficiently. You can also have those agents handling outbound calls when the Read the Rest….

We have hundreds of servers in our private hosted clusters that we maintain just for our hosted call center services. We only use Tier-3 datacenters with multiple internet backbone connections and redundant power solutions, so you know your service is going to work. VICIdial is used in many different industries and organizations You can find VICIdial in use at thousands of different companies and organizations all over the world.

Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls, Email and Customer Website Chat Let your agents handle inbound and outbound phone calls as well as inbound email and customer website chat all together in the same web-based agent interface. Excellent Customer Satisfaction!

In use at over 14, companies in over countries around the world.Loading leads into Vicidial can be a daunting task if not done properly. Be sure to prepare your leads into a format that only contains information that you need and that does not exceed the recommended 25, per upload.

You want to make sure that your list does not contain any blank columns and that all headers are in the first row above the information. Log into ViciDial with your admin credentials and go to list on the left-hand side.

Next you will want to click add new list. In the first column you may only use numbers. Be sure to use a number that will correspond with your campaign. In the second column input the list name. Next you will select the campaign that you wish to attach the list to. And last but not least want to activate the list by selecting the Y on the drop-down for the activation.

Once you've completed the creation of the list you will now need to upload your leads to the list. Under the heading list for the link called load new leads and click on it. Next you will upload your list by selecting choose file button and then selecting the file that your leads are in. Next you will select the drop down at the list ID override and select the list that you would like to upload leads to.

Skip phone code override and go to file layout to use and select custom layout and then select submit at the bottom of your screen. This can take up to 60 seconds for the screen to change depending on your Internet connection. On the next screen we will attach the leads in a manner in which the dialer can read them.

On the left-hand side you will see a list of header names that should correspond with your lead list. You are simply going to match up the phone number on the left to the phone number in the drop-down on the right the first name on the left to the first name on the right matching each column until you've completed matching all of the headers that are in your leads list. You may not have all of these names in your headers and that's okay to simply skip over and move onto the next one.

Once you have completed matching your headers click the okay to process button at the bottom of the page. This will take a few minutes to process please be patient.

You will get a green readout letting you know how many leads are good or bad. Once you have completed you can go back to the list heading on the left-hand side of your admin screen and select the list that you previously loaded leads to to verify that leads are there to be dialed.

Skip phone code override and go to file layout to use and select custom layout and then select submit at the bottom of your screen This can take up to 60 seconds for the screen to change depending on your Internet connection.Users browsing this forum: Majestic [Bot] and 39 guests.

I also used the asterisk 1. However when I upload leads in csv format, i encounter an issue. Please see below. I don't see an error when I upload a text file tab delimited. Regards, Lui. Re: issue on csv format leads upload on vicidial 2.

Could you explain how you installed Vicidial exactly? By the way, i can't see any activity in the asterisk 1. TXT under docs directory. By the way, I'm using Asterisk 1. I only installed Asterisk 1. I can see alot of features been added which are really good.

vicidial lead format

Right now I'm facing 2 probs. The " 2. I didn't know that there is beta version of asterisk 1. I thought that a normal installation of asterisk 1. As of the issue with the CSV upload, it is still not resolved. Thanks for the replies. The only thing that changed is the error message above is gone. That is a screenshot from a spreadsheet, so it's pretty much useless for debugging purposes.

It is a 'built to suit' program which may only work for our system. But the ethics are going to be similar. I will explain our process to you. Locate lead sheet. Save in 'Ready To Convert into ; ' Folder. Open up with 'OpenOffice'. Whilst in OpenOffice, Hit 'Save as' and save it in.

Whilst saving the file you will be prompted to save with delimiters. Set the field delimiter to ; and the text delimiter leave it blank. And then just follow steps on the interface.

Try building a 'pre-process leads app' in VB. This way if the app gives you an error message you find out before you do all your formatting Also the app does the formatting for you. HTH - Adam. GoAutoDial CE 2. You did not mention the install method, I bet you didn't use a vicibox cd. I'm pretty sure you are missing some perl modules, like these two: Spreadsheet::Read Text::CSV I tried to load the file on my workstation where I got a vicidial install I can test stuff with, this is a debian OS.

Got the exact problem you had, the reason it looks for a. Always look in the log folks!From time to time we get a client that needs to load lists into Vicidial on a daily or even hourly basis. Having the client email the list and then doing a manual upload can be quite cumbersome.

To make the process more efficient, I developed an application that will allow the client to use a web interface to upload their list, and have it load to the dialer in real time. There are 2 tables that need to be accessed in the Vicidal asterisk database in order to load leads. Assuming the list ID has already been created in Vicidial, loading leads directly into the asterisk database is pretty straight forward as there are no complicated dependancies that need to be created.

Without this information Vicidial may dial the lead at an inappropriate time. Here is the SQL statement:. There are many other columns you can map data to, but these are the required columns that need to be loaded for each lead. All other columns can be left null or have default values automatically loaded into them. I find it eaiser, and safer to just do the calculation as I enter the leads. Those familiar with loading lists in Vicidial know that when a. For our application we decided to eliminate this step from our automated process because it would require that the client provide the correct field mapping.

Experience has taught me that it is always best to try build processes that minimize the mistakes a client can make. Additionally, a client's file structure rarely if ever changes.

So for the purposes of the application we require an agreed upon file structure. Depending on the campaign the application can be adjusted to manage the list as needed. Most of the time we designate a single list ID to be the dynamic list.

In this case the list is emptied and reloaded when the client uploads a new file. The application can also be set to append a single dynamic list or create a new list every time a new file is uploaded. Again, this really depends on the needs of the campaign. Depending on your needs you may or may not have to do anything with this table. Hi, I am not aware about coldfusion.

So not able to unnderstand code. Can you help me in php and how to use it? I want to implement auto dialing from vtiger. So please help me about this. Shital, I have not done any integration with Vtiger, but there is a lot of information on how to do it in the Vicidal forums. This can be useful if your data is stored in a CRM and needs to be pushed to Vicidial on a regular basis. Otherwise for large lists, inserting them directly into that database is the way to go as it is much faster.

Load leads directly into the Vicidial Database 27 February, Example Application: This example was written using ColdFusion, but it can be implemented in any language. Comments 2. Subscribe To Comments. Microsoft security patch MS blocks ColdFusion generated. Real time pfSense whitelisting application using ColdFusion.

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Initial Welcome Screen and Dialer Setup Add a new Carrier trunk to your system Create a campaign, load leads, add a list, add users and start dialing Change your outbound dialing campaign to use Predictive Dialing Create an inbound-group, point a DID at it, and take calls Set up a remote agent to be able to take calls from an Outbound Campaign or an Inbound Ingroup Set up the Audio Store, upload an audio prompt and record a prompt over the phone Set up an auto-dial campaign to dial without any live agents and play a message Add External Phone entry for your mobile phone then live monitor using the Real-time Report.

Creating Custom Fields Brief overview of Cepstral Text To Speech software integration Configuring Phone Aliases Configuring Email It is expected that you have thoroughly read through the VICIdial Agent manual before reading this manual.

vicidial lead format

This manual is current as of the 2. What is VICIdial? VICIdial is a Contact Center solution that allows agents to log into a web-based agent screen and take inbound and outbound calls as well as place outbound calls manually and from a list and handle inbound emails in a queue.

There are thousands of features and options available within VICIdial, and they are covered here in this manual.